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THE NATIVITY, with its masterful choral effects and beautiful, rich soprano, tenor, baritone and bass solos, is an extraordinary musical tapestry that forms a work of excellence.  This world-renowned oratorio has dazzled audiences from Carnegie Hall to Europe. Listen to music samples .

"Sounds of a Miracle" is a film about the composer that is receiving rave reviews from audiences and film festivals around the country. 

Visit the film's website to view the trailer, listen to the soundtrack and to hear the podcast/interviews of Earnestine Rodgers Robinson and the director. The film is now available for purchase from the online store.

Memphis Composer in Glamour Magazine.   A special article about composer, Earnestine Rodgers Robinson will be featured in the upcoming May issue of Glamour magazine.

Latest Sensation In the Nation's Music Capital.   Composer, Earnestine Rodgers Robinson will be present at the Nashville Film Festival during the screening of the award-winning documentary, "Sounds of a Miracle" which showcases her music and her inspiring story.

Music and story of Earnestine Rodgers Robinson Premieres at Nation's Top Film Festivals
Composer, Earnestine Rodgers Robinson had her music and her story featured in a short film, entitled "Sounds of a Miracle." The film has been selected by Palm Beach International Film Festival and two Academy-nominating festvals, the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the LA Shorts Fest. View the film's website

Hoboken International Film Festival showcases the music of composer, Earnestine Rodgers Robinson
Music from the composer was the subject of the documentary, "Hidden Treasure," which premiered at the prestigious 2007 Hoboken International Film Festival.

WordText music releases available on all of the world's leading online music stores
The entire catalog of choral and contemporary music by Earnestine Rodgers Robinson can be purchased as downloads from iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Napster and Real/Rhapsody.